3abc Friendship texts

3abc Friendship texts

A Platonic Soulmate

by Marijana Jukić

Do you think soulmates are a thing? Are there just romantic soulmates? Well, let’s clear it out, shall we?

To me, platonic soulmates do exist and i often call my best friend that. And how do I know she’s my ’soulmate‘? Basically I know that I can just be myself around her and she’ll love me anyway, flaws and all, that’s how I know she’s the one. I personally don’t have a bunch of friends because I think not more than five good friends who you can sometimes hang out and laugh with is necessary. But my best friend, she’s different. I can tell her everything, be clingy with her and also be mean to her (sarcastically), as well as the other way around without judging. I’m really glad I have such a trustworthy bestie like her and I think everybody deserves one.

All in all, I’m glad I found my platonic soulmate. I love her with all I have, no matter our distance, she’s locked in my heart. „Me and you against the world“, they say.

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