3abc Book Project

3abc Book Project

Finding friends, getting braces, dealing with bullies – those are just a few of the most common problems lots of teenagers have to face. In our reading project called ‚How to survive middle school“, the students of 3abc read different books that all deal with the lives of middle schoolers. For most of them, it was the first book they have ever read in English. 

Marijana, 3a:

I enjoyed reading “Middle School – The Worst Years Of My Life”. Sometimes the writer communicates with the reader and explains some things and I really liked that. The main character Rafe goes to middle school and wants to  break every rule at school. It’s a fun book and I can recommend it not only for teenagers but also for their parents.

Klara, 3a: 

I read “Wonder” and I liked the book because it was interesting to read. August, the main character, is not an ordinary kid and the book deals with important topics like bullying or being different.

Richard, 3a: 

“Smile” was the first English book I’ve read, but it wasn’t hard for me to read and I understood most of the words. I liked the story because it was interesting. I would recommend the book for to kids and teenagers who love reading comics.

Fiorentina, 3a:

I read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and I  liked the book because the story is funny and the main character Greg doesn’t get what he wants. Manny, Greg’s younger brother,  is my favourite character because he is really annoying and he pranks the others all the time. The book is perfect for teens.